Who We Are

Skydive Saskatoon

We are a new Saskatchewan based company owned and operated by an enthusiastic crew of experienced skydiving instructors and a pilot. Our goal is to bring our passion for skydiving and aviation to the Saskatoon area and show everyone the experience, fun, and adventure of a LIFE TIME!!

Combined we have over 10,000 skydives and counting.

Our History

  • Jamie Coulter makes his first skydive

  • Jordan Metters, your pilot is born

  • Mark Ehrmantraut takes his first tandem skydive

  • Albert Boucher takes his first tandem skydive for the Amazon show The Devil's Brigade. Check it out

  • Javon Rector makes his first solo skydive

    Jamie Coulter dispatched him

  • Our dreams become real. Skydiving Saskatoon Ltd. is formed.

  • First year in operation! Lots of smiles, tons of fun!

  • Our new plane is up and running. We are now offering jumps to 11,000 feet.

Why Choose Us

We want to deliver more than just a roller coaster ride to our customers. For us, it’s all about providing a life experience that you will remember for a long time!

There is a lot of places you can go for a skydiving experience. We want to do more by making your day truly exceptional. Our promise is a fun time and engaging atmosphere from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Your fun is our fun!

Our Staff

Mark Ehrmantraut

7400+ Skydives.

Tandem Master, Jump Master, Skydive School Examiner, PPF Instructor, Coach 2

Albert Boucher

800+ Skydives.

Tandem Master, Jump Master, Coach 1

Jordan Metters

Chief Pilot.

200+ Skydives.

Ken Adamson

4000+ Skydives

Tandem Master, Coach 1.

Neeraj Sharma

Pilot Extraordinaire.

Doesn't seem to want to jump out as he is flying

Jamie Coulter

2800+ Skydives.

Tandem Master, Jump Master, Skydive School Examiner, Coach 2

Javon Rector

1000+ Skydives.

Tandem Master, Jump Master, Coach 1

Michael Frolek

1200+ Skydives.

Tandem Master, Jump Master, Coach 1, Skydive School Instructor.

Our Standards

  • Skydiving Equipment

    Our skydiving equipment is new and maintained to the highest standards. We have certified parachute riggers on staff who inspect the equipment and ensure it meets these standards. All instructors hold an expert skydiving license and are certified as tandem masters by the skydiving equipment manufacturer.

  • Plane

    We are a commercial aviation operation regulated by Transport Canada. Our plane is maintained to commercial standards and is flown only by licensed commercial pilots.

Our Principles

We want everyone who Skydives with us to have a fun and safe time. Safety is our number one priority for your entire experience.

Following that, we want you to have fun!

Take in one of the best views of the world! Free falling from 11,000 Feet at 200km/hr!


Unbelievable experience! Nothing like it. Had so much fun even before the jump, the staff here is amazing & keep you laughing from the moment you meet them to the moment you say farewell. Highly recommend them. Thanks to the staff for making a memorable experience that much more special, you guys rock! #flips-n-shit

Barbara Kennedy

Skydiving Fanatic

Not only was this the most exciting thing that I have ever done, but I did it with some of the most amazing people. Highly recommend them as they help make this experience the best that it can be.

Lana Stacheruk Dodds

Skydiver Extraordinaire